With a legacy dating back to 1910 in the USA, Everlast stands tall as a premier brand manufacturing specialized products for Boxing, MMA, and fitness equipment. It has been the preferred choice for generations of world champions and professional athletes, having been endorsed by legendary figures such as Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Muhammad Ali.

Everlast embodies a heritage of strength, dedication, individuality, and authenticity, resonating across more than 75 countries and spanning 6 continents.


Our house brand offering opening-price sporting goods of all kinds. The Runic is found on all sorts of sporting equipement and customized team uniforms: as well as soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming and weightlifting accessories. Items are sourced from well established manufacturers known for their quality standards and competitive prices. An essential brand to our group as it allows us to offer our customer-base premier sporting goods at key price points.

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Havaianas is a globally renowned Brazilian brand recognized for its iconic and colorful flip-flops. Established in 1962, Havaianas has become synonymous with comfort, style, and durability, capturing the essence of Brazil’s vibrant culture and laid-back lifestyle.

The brand’s rubber flip-flops feature a distinctive design with a rice grain pattern on the sole, offering both functionality and fashion. Over the years, Havaianas has expanded its product line to include sandals, espadrilles, and accessories, maintaining its commitment to quality and innovation. Embraced by people worldwide, Havaianas remains a go-to choice for casual footwear, embodying a blend of fun, authenticity, and summer spirit.